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Key factors for consideration of hiring SPY191 detectives

Working with detectives

Clients may request to follow the detectives if they want to closely witness the detectives’ work (provided that clients must not do anything that can burden the detectives).

Reliable office location

Our detective office location is reliable and transparent. Clients can visit is if they want to consult with the detectives directly. We are glad to welcome you as our family members.

100% refund

We guarantee your satisfaction of our jobs! However, if we cannot finish the jobs, we agree to give you the full refund or compensation without any condition (Clients can rest assured that they will get results after the payment!) We are highly responsible and will not accept any work that is beyond our team’s capacity, yet we will not stop improving ourselves.

No blackmailing

We will never deceive or blackmail clients and never have any thought to do anything that may discredit or defame SPY191. We focus on encouraging our team to grow gracefully with their excellent performance. Confidentiality is our ethics.

Progress report

We report progress at any time as deemed appropriate along with records, images/audios/videos for clients to rest assured that our detective team will not abandon the jobs.


We have the team of attorneys who have extensive experience to give advice on civil and criminal cases and are ready for litigation.

Nationwide team

We have many detectives team who are ready to work nationwide. Clients do not have to concern about the fieldwork in any provinces.

Modern equipment

With full detective devices and equipment such as GPS, wiretapping devices and all kids of spy cameras, we are ready for all jobs in all situation. Our devices are available for rent.

Top 3 cases

Investigation of the issues relating to family conflicts, marriage and affairs

Almost every family in the world may have face these problems and they might have different ways to deal with those issues. If you start doubting about something that confuses you or encountering the situation where you family member, lover, fiancé, or spouse seems to change in terms of their behaviors; for example, they often start the fight, are hot-tempered, aggressing, and made without reasons, come home late, avoid answering questions, be obsessed with the phone without noticing anyone around them, rarely answer the call or secretly use more than one number, secretly call someone else, try to go out by claiming that they are called on duty (or other), pay attention more on outfits and make themselves look younger, have unfamiliar scent of perfume on their body, or ignore sexual activities. These are some signals of them having an affair. Try noticing those behaviors from people close to you.

Tracing individuals and whereabouts

These cases are mostly related to the conflicts between spouses. Either of them will end up turning off the phone and flee. The other will feel uncomfortable as he/she wants to get things cleared and not understand why his/her spouse has to run away, turn off the phone and who he/she runs to (this is the most important issue). These can make him/her overthink about anything. Other cases involve debts. They get annoyed by creditors, financial agencies, banks, loan sharks, shar lending, especially online share lending, lottery debts (common problem in the society), and so on. These debts result in debtors being charged, probably with arrest warrants. They might run away to avoid getting caught and prosecuted. The suspects who jointly commit the crime may give some information leading to the arrest. These cases have different level of difficulties in terms of investigation. Detectives are needed for such a job!

Searching individual background

It is said that one who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be in danger in a hundred battles. This is very important when you are considering accepting someone to work for you or to be your business partner as you should be certain that the person will be a good partner. You should learn about that person such as his characters, abilities, trustworthiness, sincerity, future plans, so you can make plans to deal with the changes and competition. This strategy is always practical and useful. Knowing about other people also applies to romantic relationship. If you are seeing someone or considering accepting someone into your life, you should check whether they deceive you or two-time you, whether they have divorced with their exes or have any legal issues in process, what they are doing to earn a living, what their family background is, how many exes they have had, and so on. You might have a lot mor questions that need answers. If you have choices, choose the best ones. Do not delay doing it, or else it might be too late.